Even if you are not asked to do something, sometimes it's better if you take the initiative and move forward with what you think is better for a project and bringing it to the table at the first meeting to come. That was the case with creating the logo for this advertising campaign for the Cheile Râșnoavei area in Brașov, Romania. Altough the final proposed version never made it to the public, I'm still glad I got to experiment with this and make the best of the situation.

The process

Sometime last year, at Xander Advertising I was asigned the task of designing a logo for the tourist area Cheile Râșnoavei in Râșnov, Romania. This was part of a larger plan to help promote the gorge’s area, it’s natural beauty and wild experiences. The landscape is indeed a beautiful one and the logo should’ve suggested that in a clean, yet expressive manner. The key feelings it would have to give a viewer were “tourism potential” and “adventure”.

Exporing ideas
Exporing ideas: Putting together elements the area is known for.

After a couple of sketches done in between other tasks, I thought of a way to take the viewer right into the Râșnoavei Gorge‘s mountainous areas. This would be done by grabbing your viewpoint and walking you straight into the mountains through winding trails, right into the (almost) unknown. What better way to promote adventure than with a face off with the unknown wilderness?

The concept
The concept: First sketches of the concept, in need of adjustments.

After having decided on an idea, I began moulding and shaping it until I got close to something with the right feel. The graphics would have to be appliable to different mediums – such as paper, wood, rock or metal – to make sure it’s readable and still sends the right message no matter the use case. This determined me to simplify it and later give it a more playful feel:

The final touches

With the winding trail giving off a sort of “S” shape, I thought I’d take the adventurous look even further and change the whole typography and color for the main name. What resulted was a logo symbolizing the spirit of the Râșnoavei Gorge area, encouraging tourists and even the locals to appreciate it more and gain awareness of natural conservation.

Going digital
Going digital: Rough versions of the final concept.

Unfortunately, the logo never got to be used due to a premature choice of another version. I am however very happy to have been given the chance to work on it. The subject was different from those I had to work with before and it was an overall positive experience.

Final version
Final version: With color and curves, a blend of nature and adventure.