Although it wasn't initially considered for a redesign, Coco's logo had to suffer some improvements because given the new website we were building for her at Xander Advertising, there was no way that the old one would fit it. So I got to work and based on the specs I got from her and her father, Ovidiu Popescu, began sketching up a new version, which she would later take with her up high in the mountains on T-shirts, patches and flags.

To start off, I have to say that the project for Crina Coco Popescu did not originally include the logo design, it only centered around her website. However, as the old identity was far less pleasing to the eye than what she deserved, we at Xander Advertising decided to squeeze in some time and design her a new logo.

As her name needed to be very clear and easy to read from the first glance, I decided that using Impallari’s Loster font would be a good decission. It’s feminine enough to show elegance but strong enough to catch the endurance and determination Coco shows on all her expeditions and projects. Bellow you can see the original identity and somewhat of an improv I did just before deciding to go ahead and tune it up real nicely:

Original logo
Original logo: Initial identity & early sketches of the new one

First identity used & early sketches for the new version

After a lot of thinking and browsing the internet for mountain logos, I decided upon an approach that would embody the original message, only this time in a new package. The whole idea was to embed seven mountains symbolizing the Seven Summits circuit she got famous for. Now, in her original image, one of the peaks was also a volcano because she also took on the Seven Volcanoes circuit, so this one had to stick with the logo as well.

The Seven Summits
The Seven Summits: Trying out different layout for the mountains/volcanos

Minifying the mountains and the smoke, I thought I had come to a pretty good draft and I switched to the tablet and made a digital version of it only to have it refined when Coco dropped by our agency one day. She suggested we try and curve the edges of the volcano just a little bit (part 3 of the image bellow).

Going digital
Going digital: Applying style and type to the logo

With the final modifications and the whole thing closer to the end, we also incorporated the small man from the original image because that is part of the logo for the Altitude Mountain Club – in which she is a very active member – establishing a connection between her, the club and her father (who is in fact the climber shape on the logo).

Final result
Final result: A mixture of elements significant to Coco

In the end, the logo design was not a totally new approach, but in fact a redesign of the original concept only better put into context than before. She was quite pleased with the final design and we can say that it was a pleasure designing it for her because she deserves it.