This wallpaper is somewhat more than my others, in the sense that it was created as a dedication. No matter where you are and where you rest your eyes, you make that place your home. No matter what others may think of it, of the color of the walls, of the clock on the shelf or of the carpet on the floor, you know that there is more to it than that and you make it your place, your home… and then… the picture above your head is more than just a shadow on the wall…

Resources used: Rice-paper-plant , Swallowtail butterflyButterfly Stock Sideview10 Butterfly StocksSmall Birds PSDWater Photoshop BrushesGrass 2 PNGGrass PNG Stock PackTW3D Summer GrassFern 1Ivy IRainforest 4 StockFern 2 cutoutCrack Effect BrushesPre cut Stones 001Pre cut Stones 002frogs-pngBest Boston FernFour FernsCracked Wall Texture 001stock png dragonfly thin gold frameTexture papyrus,PlanksNew0047_1_L.



  1. I use it for my desktop wallpaper 🙂
    Its nice idea… I saw similar stuff but this one is cool.

    Nenad Novakovic
    Aug 14'th, 2011, 15:17 Reply
  2. Nice-nice… 🙂

    May 15'th, 2011, 22:32 Reply

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