Image not foundInktober 2020

Inktober 2020

February 1'st, 2021 // Illustrating one mushroom every day for a month

Image not foundHiking Buddies

Hiking Buddies

July 26'th, 2018 // Redesigning an outdoor experience platform

Image not foundLusca


May 9'th, 2018 // Label design for a strawberry cream ale

Image not foundHopsylvania


November 15'th, 2016 // Branding a homebrewed beer

Image not foundGamification in tourism

Gamification in tourism

August 29'th, 2015 // From small touch-ups to complete product design

Image not foundSideview


March 15'th, 2014 // Designing a different kind of social network

Image not foundFueltrip


March 4'th, 2014 // Designing a hybrid gas station search app

Image not foundRadu Luchian

Radu Luchian

February 11'th, 2014 // A new personal logo after many years

Image not foundAd Hoc

Ad Hoc

December 1'st, 2013 // Insignia of Transylvanian acoustic medieval punk

Image not found3S Studio

3S Studio

October 31'st, 2012 // Branding a fresh IT startup

Image not foundCeasca de cultura

Ceasca de cultura

May 24'th, 2012 // How a cultural brand came to existence