Another year, another restyle… and so much more

It’s been a whole year – give or take a few days – since I last made a major change in my website. Because of the need for more flexibility than the one myown CMS offered, I decided to migrate to WordPress and use it to fuel my website. Despite having a few hickups at the begining of the project (sometime early september 2011) I managed to get past them and went on to code what you see now. Due to my office hours and lack of time after them, it took quite awhile to finish it – especially as I tried to make everything just as I had wanted – but here it is and it’s packing goodies.

To mark this recent facelift, I prepaired a few free resources you will surely find useful in your future projects. Check out the “Resources” section for more or go straight them: Wooven fabric textureCD cardboard envelope templateCD jewel case template. Remember, these are completely free and you are allowed to use them in any kind of work (commercial or non-commercial) just as long as it’s not racist, offensive and you do not claim them as your own.

Feel free to browse through the portfolio, where I have also submitted new work done independently as well as at the agency where I work – Xander Advertising (check out our website for details on projects and services) and I’ll see you later as I’ll show you new works, updates and downloadable resources. Cheers!

Edit: Sorry for the images that weren’t displaying properly inside the each post. Because I was against the clock and with a tight schedule to get everything going before going on holiday I forgot to update the URL’s from localhost to the remote server. All is good now! 😉