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Creating a vinyl record wall clock

About five years ago I saw a similar idea on the wall of a pub in Brașov, Romania and I wanted to have one of my own ever since. Altough the one in that bar was actually just the printed image of a record stuck to a round piece of glass I figured it wouldn’t be so hard to put one […]

The hand-made castles of Stefan Lüpges

Two weekends ago the Town Foundation Festival took place in München, celebrating over 8 centuries since it’s official establishment. To mark this event the city gathered together lots of artists and craftsman in the old city center, from woodworkers to glassblowers, from knitters to painters and from blacksmiths to sculptors. The old center was filled […]

Custom made dot-grid book

As most designers, I started drawing stuff on all sorts of paper: squared, lined, blank… basically anything I could get my hands on. Over time however, my experience grew and I started to see the different needs I had in terms of support material depending on what type of project I was working on. For […]

Wooden smartphone holder

Because I was sick of having my phone simply lay there on the desk – especially when I had the earphones connected to it and wanted to listen to some music (or perhaps watch a video?) – I decided to get myself a phone holder. The thing is I wanted something simple, stilish and without […]