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Brackets vs. Sublime Text: A designer’s text editor

As most developers will know, finding that perfect combination of tools to help you get your job done fast and clean is pretty damn important but also pretty tricky. For example I myself have been through quite a lot IDEs, from [Macromedia] Dreamweaver to Eclipse and from JetBrains WebStorm to Aptana Studio before finally settling down with Sublime Text […]

Creating triangles with pure CSS

As I’m sure most designers who also like to code already have the hang of this, I still want to put it down in writing for those of you who still aren’t familiar with what tricks you can use in CSS to get your way around. I’ve often found myself needing to insert different triangle/arrow […]

Getting the “Thank You Button” count from anywhere on you blog

I’ve been working on rebuilding my website, that is my portfolio and blog, and wanted to try out something like a “Thank You” button. I’ve managed to find this neat plugin that does just that. It’s nice that it’s customizable for the average user and for those of us for which that’s just not enough, well… we […]

Styling custom social network buttons

For awhile now I’ve been building the social bars at the end of articles/news by using the default buttons provided by your well known social networks (Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.). This changed a few days ago – late enough, I admit – when I came accross an article (link) on creating your custom buttons by […]

Adding a pause button to jCarousel

If you ever came across content that had to be displayed as a slideshow/carousel than you most likely came to find Jan Sorgalla’s carousel library based on jQuery: jCarousel. I used this library in different projects such as Lucian Poenari’s website where I had to create the catalog display case. Long story short, in a recent project I […]