Last ride on a great autumn day

There’s (almost) nothing like feeling the warm sun above you as you pedal your way through a single track in the Carpathians, wind rushing through, brightly colored autumn leaves flying by, dirt being thrown from your rear wheel. I felt that a bit today, on my last mountain bike ride through Brașov, as a sort of recap of my most frequented tracks here. I started off from home and headed on up towards the old town center, after which I climbed half of Tâmpa and came out on the other side, with a nice speedy descent.


Turns out that since my last ride on Tâmpa the weather has taken it’s toll on some of the forest trees. There were quite a few trees – four or five – that had been simply pulled out of the ground or ripped in half by the elements. No problem though, as Jim Morrison puts it: “variety is the spice of life”.


Couldn’t help myself from taking a few short breaks to take in the awe of what Brașov looks like during autumn: a beautiful medieval town with red-tiled house roofs, mountain forests colored in pastels, paved leaf-covered walkways, fresh mountain air and gentle warm breezes of wind. Beautiful!




After having ended my ride and settling down a bit, my friend came by to pick up the bike and some of the gear that went along with it. A shake of the hands and the deed was done: dude, may you ride her fast and dirty, like she likes it. This time next year I’m gonna want to see a mileage report, just to make sure she’s not neglected. 😀 Cheers!


If anyone’s more curious as to what the route was, here’s the Endomondo workout for today’s ride. It isn’t record breaking, it isn’t against the clock, it’s just a nice ride on a great autumn day.