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Last ride on a great autumn day

There’s (almost) nothing like feeling the warm sun above you as you pedal your way through a single track in the Carpathians, wind rushing through, brightly colored autumn leaves flying by, dirt being thrown from your rear wheel. I felt that a bit today, on my last mountain bike ride through Brașov, as a sort of […]

My take on the 2013 IM World conference

This autumn marked the second year for IM World – an internet and mobile conference at Romexpo in Bucharest – and it promised to bring a lot of interesting keynote speakers as well as plenty of interesting exhibitors, to say the least. Hopes were high, expectations needed to be met and the enthusiasm was at […]

A weird surprise in Barcelona

During our honeymoon in Barcelona, while coming back from the beach, me and Adriana mingled a little on the small alleys adjacent to La Rambla. It was to my surprise that I found one of my designs – Coming back to life – printed on a phone case that was up for sale. I didn’t consider checking […]

My artwork at Papergirl Brasov 2011

This August I found out about the Papergirl project and of the fact that it also takes place locally here in Brasov. You can read about it on “Papergirl Brasov” and “Romanian Papergirl“. I picked out a few of my works, printed them out and dropped them off at the “Ceai et caetera” tea house […]